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Special controller
We provide some design of the special controller for various factory equipment and processing machinery. Some of the special controllers made by our company have played a role in many industries

Automation equipment
According to the requirements of the customer, we provide a set of solutions to customize the FA equipment,from design and production to debug, guarantee the high quality and low price
Control cabinet manufacturing
Manufactured in accordance with the Japanese quality standard, you can rest assured that use. Most of the Japanese control components can purchase. In order to reduce the cost, we can also provide the Chinese alternatives.

Sheet metal parts
We have the production equipment of sheet metal parts, enough to deal with the small production and large scale production. There is a part of the mechanical processing equipment, spare parts processing and sheet metal cabinet can also be completed.
Electrical parts
We provide a product which was made in China with good records of performance to the customer for considering cost controls. If you have difficulty to buy them in China, please contact us.
Software development
It can be used from the small scale system by using personal computer to the large network system. There are many Japanese oriented development experience, documents are available in Japanese manufacturing. The application of PLC and touch screen system can also be developed.
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